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Martinez Lake Resort has been running canoes up and down the coloardo River for decades. Providing you with great equipment, outstanding service, and most importantly unforgettable times. We offer several options for launching locations and many other packages to suit your adventure needs. Your only choice for Lower River adventures and canoeing.


We provide the following popular drop off locations:

-Mayflower County Park: Blythe, CA

(#3 Rated)


-Quechan Park:

Blythe, CA

(#4 Rated)

-Oxbow Recreation BLM:

Ehrenberg, AZ

(#1 Rated)

-Walters Camp:

Palo Verde, CA

(#2 Rated)

*Rated by our adventure customers.

For More information or to book a Canoe adventure today, Contact us at 928-783-9589 ext 5 or

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